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Guzman Tanedo & Acain publishes advisories, alerts and other newsletters on many subjects, in response to new legislation or legal precedents, industry events and trends, and other developments and innovations that impact our clients. Please visit our website regularly for updates.





January 22, 2007

Philippine Outsourcing: Senate Bill 2073 or the Data Protection Act


July 30, 2006

Philippine Outsourcing: Foreign ownership and minimum investment requirement for Outsourcing Companies


August 11 2006

Philippine Outsourcing: Additional SEC requirement to incorporate a call center


July 28, 2006

Philippine Outsourcing/Human Resource: The Labor Code prohibits women from working at night in Call Centers


September 23, 2006

Philippine Annulment: A psychologically incapacitated person cannot legally remarry


July 29, 2006

Philippine Immigration: Visa options for foreigners who intend to stay in the Philippine for work or for good


July 28, 2006

Philippine Annulment: Tell-tale signs that your husband is psychologically incapacitated (Part I)


August 06, 2005

Philippine Incorporation: Should you incorporate your business?


July 08, 2005

Philippine Incorporation: Checklist for New Corporations


September 07, 2004

Human Resource: How to fire a problem employee and avoid litigation?


August 8, 2004

Philippine Annulment: Step-by-procedure for the declaration of nullity of marriage


August 04, 2004

Family Law and United States Immigration: Existing marriage, a common obstacle in bringing your Filipino fiancée to the United States on a Fiancée Visa


April  18, 2003

Philippine Criminal law: So the Police like to question you?


April 12, 2003

Philippine Criminal Law: How to post bail for your temporary liberty


April 04, 2003

Philippine Criminal Law: Things you should do if you are stopped by a Police


April 03, 2003

Philippine Intellectual Property: Requirements for Registration of Trademark
















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