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Information & Communications Technology




Information Technology Brief


The Philippines offer state-of-the-art telecommunications facilities, adequate and uninterrupted power supply. There are ready-to-occupy offices and production facilities, computer security and building monitoring systems, as well as complete office services in specialized IT zones. With the government's focus on building up an IT-enabled economy, the Philippines is on its way to becoming the E-services Hub of Asia.


I. Trends and Predictions for the Asia/Pacific Outsource

    Services Market


:: Asia is a source of significant outsource service operations from the United States and Europe.


:: Increased demand for provision of quality services in low cost countries and regions.


:: The Philippines emerging as a specific alternative to India, due to historical and cultural factors. (Source: IDC Call Center Services Forecast and Analysis, 2001-2005).


The McKinsey & Co., an investment consultancy firm, projects a bigger demand for outsourcing services that will reach US$ 180 billion in 2010. It projects the following world demand for white collar services:



II.   Expanding Infrastructure and strong government support

    • High quality, low cost bandwidth, expanding domestic network

    • Six platforms available: fixed line, cellular, cable TV, over the air TV & radio and VSAT system)

    • Redundant international connectivity: fiber optic cable and satellite

    • Bandwidth cost declined by 70% over the last 4 years

    • Presence of dedicated IT parks with fiscal incentives offer

    • Availability of IT-enabled floor area

    • The Information Technology and E-Commerce Council (ITECC) was formed to oversee, review, update the national promotion strategy for E-Commerce

    • President Arroyo chairs this government-private council

    • Availability of investment incentives



III. RP's Capability

  • Customer Contact Centers

  • Content Development

    • Animation

    • Transcription, Conversion, localization

    • Data search, integration and analysis

    • Distance Education

    • Engineering and Design services


  • Backroom Operations

    • Finance and Accounting services

    • HR services

  • Core IT Services

    • Website services

    • Software/Applications development

    • Systems design









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