Guzman Acain represents individuals and corporations, multi-national companies located in the Export Processing Zones, and Business Process Outsourcing companies in the timely disposition of their Labor and Employment Problems such as Work and Capital Dispute and/or Labor and Industrial Labor Relations; Labor Management and proper procedures for termination. We also provide our clients with tools and kits in handling labor problems through Labor Seminars and round table discussions with our clients' Human Resource Personnel.

Labor Law Litigation
We represent both capital and labor before the National Labor Relations Commission and the Department of Labor in resolving simple labor cases such as illegal dismissal and violation of labor standards law. We offer a wide range of legal services and consultancy to companies in handling labor and employment issues. Part of our retainer services, we provide our corporate clients with timely legal opinions in response to the common employment issues that they encounter in their day to day operations. Our firm also represents indigent workers and employees on contingent and pro bono basis to advance their rights and interests under our labor laws.
Labor Dispute & Labor Unions
Our Labor Law practice focuses on giving legal advice and representation to companies and Labor Unions facing an impending or an existing labor dispute. Our services include representations before the Med-Arbiter of the Department Of Labor when a Petition for Certification Election is filed. We also handle Appeals to the Bureau of Labor Relations in Certification cases. We also file Petition for Injunctions before the Office of the Secretary of Labor involving companies vital to national interest and secure a return to work order.
Collective Bargaining
We represent companies and Labor Unions in the negotiation of Collective Bargaining Agreements and ensure that our clients' rights and interests are properly protected.


  • Represented multinational companies located in the export processing zones in industrial labor disputes;
  • Represented both employer and employee in illegal dismissal cases and labor litigations;
  • Represented business process outsourcing companies in illegal dismissal cases before the National Labor Relations Commissions


January 24, 2003

How to fire a problem employee and avoid litigation?

Illegal dismissal is a growing litigation area in Labor Law that employers need to be aware of every time they terminate an employee. Many employers are reduced to penury out of a wrongful act of dismissal.

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