Guzman Acain is a Philippine Immigration Law Firm. The Firm assists foreign nationals obtain all kinds of visas before the Philippine Bureau of Immigration and Deportation and Alien Employment Permits at the Department of Labor and Employment. We also represent foreign nationals in immigration proceedings  for deportation and lifting a person's name in the immigration blacklist. Our goal is to make the application of Philippine Immigration visas easy and fast.

Obtaining visas for newly hired employees
We help employers apply for a pre-arranged employment or 9(g) visas and Alien Employment Permit for their new hires. We also help employers secure Provisional Permit to work for their new hires from foreign countries. We also assist employers to extend or renew the working visas for their existing employees or apply for a change of status to a new visa category.
Our Firm has a proven track record on visa assistance to foreign nationals and has assisted various companies for so many years. We are also aware of your concerns that you wanted your visas to be issued as soon as possible.
Visa extension for tourist visitors and changing the status of admission
We assist Tourists to extend their period of stay in the Philippines and Change the Status of their admission from Tourist to a new visa. For example, 9(g) Employment visa, Special Investors Resident Visa (SIRV) Retirement Visa or immigrant visa by reason of marriage to a Filipino 13(a).
Obtaining special visas for former Filipino Citizens and reacquisition of Filipino Citizenship
We assist former Filipinos to be Recognized as Filipino. This is to avoid the inconvenience of extending Tourist Visas before the Bureau of Immigration every month and be restored the privileges of being a Filipino citizen.
Our firm also assists former Filipino Citizens to reacquire their Filipino Citizenship after the passage of Republic Act 9225.
Immigration Litigation
For so many years, we have to render legal assistance to foreign nationals who are arrested by the operatives of the Bureau of Immigration. Our services include but not limited to the filing a Petition for Bail and Voluntary Deportation or Habeas Corpus. Our concern is for the immediate release of the detainee in the most convenient and expeditious manner.
Lifting of the person's name in the Bureau's Blacklist
A person can be blacklisted by the Bureau of Immigration for reasons such as he/she is an undesirable alien; likely to become a public charge; overstaying alien; Registered Sex Offender and other violations of the Philippine Immigration Law. If your name is included in the blacklist, you cannot anymore enter or leave the country. You will be sent back to the Airport of origin if you try to enter the Philippines or will be arrested by immigration agents if you attempt to leave. If this unfortunate event does happen, your only remedy is to file a Petition before the Bureau of Immigration that your name is removed from the blacklist.
Legal Assistance
Our Firm assists foreign nationals whose names were included in the Immigration Black List and those persons who were barred from re-entering the Philippines. We will take advantage of the legal process by filing a Petition to Lift the Order of Black List in order to remedy this situation. Through this legal process, our Firm has already caused the removal of some names of foreign nationals in the bureau's blacklist. Our Firm has a proven track record on this aspect of immigration litigation and reference of alien nationals who were successfully represented by our Firm can be provided upon request.

  • November 22, 2018

    Legal remedies for aliens who are arrested in the Philippines for cybercrimes

    Just this afternoon, 93 Chinese nationals were arrested at the Ortigas Techno Point Building 2 in Pasig City after an operation against illegal online gambling was conducted. The PNP Regional Special Operations Unit (RSOU) raided the Finasia Tech Inc. office by virtue of the search warrant issued by the Regional Trial Court, Branch 146 of Makati City.

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  • October 15, 2018

    Periods for Lifting Blacklist

    This clarifies the period and policy for lifting a person’s name on the blacklist. The periods clearly distinguish the gravity of the violation and certain time frames corresponding to the immigration violation and these are required to lapse prior to giving due course to the Petitions or Request Letters to lift entries in the immigration blacklist.

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  • October 14, 2018

    How to lift your name on the Philippine immigration blacklist?

    There are foreign nationals, by reason of the gravity of their cases, are not qualified for lifting of their names in the blacklist at the level of the Bureau of Immigration Commissioner. These are foreign nationals who have been blacklisted by reason of their involvement in subversive activities; conviction of a crime involving prohibited drugs and those who are Registered Sex Offenders. These cases require special approval by the Secretary of Justice to lift their names in the blacklist.

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