Olongapo City – GTALAW obtained an Order of dismissal in a Rape case for its American client – a former US Navy Serviceman who was accused for the crime of Rape and offense of violation of RA 7610 (Child Abuse Law) and a crime for Acts of Lasciviousness at the Regional Trial Court of Olongapo City.

Judge Renato Dilag of Regional Trial Court Branch 73, Olongapo City ordered the dismissal in open Court of criminal cases for Rape, violation of RA 7610 (Child Abuse Law) and Acts of Lasciviousness against Mr. Jack W. Doyle, an American citizen and a retired serviceman of the U.S.Navy. The case was filed in 2001 by his wife Hilda Doyle for and on behalf of her minor daughter from another man. Jack Doyle vehemently denied the charges and viewed it as harassment and retaliatory suits because of the previous annulment case which he filed against his wife – Hilda Doyle.

GTALAW took over the case in 2005 from previous defense lawyers of Mr. Doyle who are based in Olongapo City. Alexander Llanes Acain, Jr., who acted as the defense counsel for Mr. Doyle immediately moved for the dismissal of the case on the ground of gross violation of the constitutional right of the accused to speedy trial. It was learned that based on court records, the case has been postponed 32 times and worst, the prosecution has not presented any evidence or offered the testimonies of their witnesses since the case was filed in Court. Mr. Jack W. Doyle finally got the justice that he truly deserved through dedicated and efficient representation.