By: Alexander Llanes Acain Jr. Esq.

Let us talk about Airline ticket refunds. Some of you may have booked a ticket before the pandemic stroke. But like anybody else, you were not able to fly because the flights did not happen. Perhaps, you have asked for a ticket refund from the Airlines, but the Airlines were giving you so many excuses. Until now, you are still waiting for your ticket refund. Is the Airline legally justified in not doing you the ticket refunds right away?

In our opinion, the Airlines were at fault. Airlines are obliged to refund the ticket immediately if the flight did not happen. Force majeure or health emergency like the COVID19 pandemic is not a justifiable ground. Passengers have the right to immediate payment of compensation. This right to prompt payment is one of our bill of rights in the Air Passenger Bill of Rights.  

There are legal remedies, but I would not suggest going to the legal route for now while we have the pandemic. So keep pushing for that refund.

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