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Incentives for Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA) and

Information Technology (IT) Parks Locators


The governing law is Republic Act 7916 otherwise known as  the Special Ecozone Act of 1995. Upon registration with PEZA, the incentives available to investors are a combination of those granted by BOI and BCDA:

:: Tax- and duty-free importation of capital equipment, raw materials, spare parts, supplies, breeding stocks, and genetic materials;

:: Income tax holiday of four years for non-pioneer or six years for pioneer projects;

::  A special tax rate of 5% of gross income in lieu of all national and local taxes after the income tax holiday;

:: Tax credit for import substitution;

:: Exemption from wharfage dues, export tax, and import fees;

:: Tax credit on domestic capital equipment, breeding stocks, and genetic materials;

:: Additional deduction for incremental labor expenses and training expenses;

:: Unrestricted use of consigned equipment;

:: Permanent resident status for foreign investors and immediate family;


:: Employment of foreign nationals;

:: Remittance of earnings without prior approval from the Bangko   Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP).


Enterprises Qualified to Locate in the Ecozone

:: Export Enterprise - manufactures, assembles, or processes products which are 100% exported, unless a lower percentage is approved by PEZA.

:: Free Trade Zone Enterprise - imports and markets tax- and duty-free goods within the free trade area in the Ecozone. Goods brought outside the free trade area will be subject to customs and tariff duties. 


:: Service Enterprise - is engaged in any one or a combination of the following activities: customs brokerage, trucking/forwarding, janitorial, security, insurance and/or banking, consulting, or any such service approved by PEZA.


:: Domestic Market Enterprise - manufacturer, assembler, or processor of goods that cannot export at least 50% of their total output for a period of three years if majority-owned by Filipinos and at least 70% if majority-owned by foreign nationals.


:: Pioneer Enterprise - falls under any of the following conditions:

-  Manufactures, processes, or produces goods not produced in

   a commercial scale in the country;

-  Uses a design, formula, scheme, method, or process which is

   new and untried in the Philippines;

-  Produces non-conventional fuels or manufactures equipment

   that utilizes non-conventional sources of energy;

-  Develops areas for agri-export processing development; or

-  Given such a status under the annual IPP approved by the


:: Utilities Enterprise - contracted to provide light and power, water

   supply and distribution, communications, and transportation

   systems in the Ecozone.
:: Facilities Enterprise - contracted to build and maintain

   necessary  infrastructure such as warehouses, buildings, road

   networks, ports,  sewerage and drainage systems, and other

   facilities considered as necessary by PEZA in the development

   and operations of the Ecozone.

:: Tourism Enterprise - operates tourist accommodation facilities,

   restaurants, sports and recreational facilities in the Ecozone.


:: Ecozone Developer/Operator - develops, operates, and

   maintains the Ecozone, all component sectors (i.e., IEs, EPZs,

   Free Trade Zones, and Tourist/Recreational Centers) and all

   related infrastructure (roads, light and power systems, drainage

   facilities, etc.).

:: ICT and IT-enabled enterprise - Information and

   Communications Technology enterprise such as Business

   Process Outsourcing, Call Centers, Software Manufacturing and



:: Business enterprise under the IPP - Business Enterprise or

   activity listed under the Investment Priorities Plan (IPP). 



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