What to do when you overstayed?

I have noticed a significant increase in the number of temporary visitors who have overstayed their allowable stay in the country. If you are one of those mentioned and clueless on what do then this is for you. You can simply go to the nearest immigration office in your area and request for an extension provided that your overstay is less than six months. Please see the link and contact details of the different Immigration Field Offices. nationwide. You have to

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What is your legal remedy if your name is included in the immigration blacklist?

  hen i think of the word “Blacklist”, the images that come to mind are the images of the American Crime drama series on NBC “The Blacklist” or my favourite first person shooter game on Xbox 360 – Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell also titled “The Blacklist”. But in immigration parlance, this is no Xbox 360 or Ps3 games or something you watch on NBC. This is an episode in the life of a foreign national which is something traumatic, if

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Immigration Blacklist: Interpol Green Notice

any foreigners, mostly Americans, are wondering why they were sent back to their country of origin upon their arrival in the Philippines, when they have been travelling in and out of the country for so many years prior without any problems. In immigration parlance, we call this scenario A to A (airport to airport). They were complaining of not able to pass through immigration and immediately put on the next flight back home due to a “Green Notice” in their

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